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Create a modern-style enterprise-facing brand and its respective user interface for a proof of concept software.

Panzura engaged with SeaLab to design and oversee the implementation and development of the Graphical User Interface (GUI). After visual design was complete, SeaLab worked with the engineering team through Panzura's Slack channels to improve the GUI as it was implemented and to help keep designs adhering to modern usage standards and align with SeaLab's custom created visual designs and style guide.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Research
  • Experience Maps
  • UX Wireframes
  • Interactive Protypes
  • User Interface Design
  • Design System Creation
three screenshots samples of's desktop dashboard user interface

Problem #1

How to create, hand-off, and oversee the implementation of a fully comprehensive design library including branding in such a tight deadline while still adhering to all restrictions from the parent brand.

Problem #2

How to create an approachable and intuitive experience for a unique niche of enterprise customers and to repeat this experience for administrators on the backend of the system.
off center preview of's styleguide and component library next to inspiration screenshots
top down view of different vizionai business cards - presented are white and blue versions
top down view of a printed vizion style guide including rgb colors and cmyk values
off center preview of illustration work performed for as part of a welcome image

Reached The Tight August VMworld Deadline Successfully.'s MVP was successfully conceptualized, designed, implemented, and revealed complete and on time at VMworld in August on 2018. Here they gained valuable feedback for the system and the brand in general, and it became clear that the modern spin on an enterprise software offering paid off.

Produced a custom visual design language to successfully stand on its own.

Thanks to extensive research into the competitive landscape as well as Panzura's internal style guidelines,'s colorful and illustrative visual language and branding stands fittingly next to its enterprise competition in a unique but integrated way.
image of's welcome image - a custom illustration of four undersize individuals standing around a laptop and coffee cup with plant background elements and vizion's dashboard UI on the laptop

Future-Proofed and Later Updates Through The Creation And Hand-Off Of A Comprehensive Component Library.

SeaLab spent time painstakingly documenting design guidelines for approved components alongside's creation so that development and implementation could continue forward as client features were requested and the brand grows.'s ability to stand on its own and grow without the ongoing need of SeaLab's design team marks our success in this area.
long preview of the full styleguide and component library

Created An Intuitive Interface That Simplified Complex User Problems.

Based on customer feedback, the clean interface with illustrative examples and onboarding steps helped simplify complicated questions and problems in by introducing users to the interface at a comfortable pace. Users who were not familiar with enterprise cloud management were given a friendly introduction to the concept in an easily digestible way.
side by side screenshots of's dashboard with pretty graphs present as well as the plan screen with some placeholder custom illustrataions. All vizion's colors are present here - revealing why the logo is so colorful
side by side images of's app store launch (along with custom app store icons - one blue for Freedom Vizion and the other orange for universal indexer) and an indexing app screen with existing shares present in a chart and card format

"Concept designs, though processes, sketches, communication, and overall execution was A+++"

Geoff Tudor - VM & GM,

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